Tommy Bolin “Post Toastee”

Private Eyes

Private Eyes Tommy Bolin

“Post Toastee”

Private Eyes was the second solo record by Tommy Bolin. Produced in 1976 at Cherokee recording studio in LA and released by Columbia records. Unfortunately this would be Tommy’s last studio recorded. Six months after it’s release Bolin died of a drug overdose.

“Post Toastee” is a nine minute epic song that showcases Bolin’s masterful guitar playing along with everything that he had learned playing with the likes of James GangDeep Purple and as part of the session band for the jazz fusion record Spectrum by Billy Cobham. The saddest part of Bolin’s story is his greatest song is overshadowed by the fact that is about drugs and overdoses that many of his friends had went through and how he could stop himself from taking that same path.

As we progress through the beginning on the song the guitar is obviously the focus point and after they blend through the lyrics (Not many for a nine minute song) the band starts this slow grinding sound that just builds up more and more as the song goes on. You can really hear Bolin’s fabulous guitar playing leading the way. Around the 4:40 mark the band begins to lower the tone and bring the song down to what you think is the end.

At the five minute mark the music stops and gradually starts up again first with a gentle guitar, then the saxophone and so forth till all instruments are jamming again. Then your rest period ends as the group starts to pound in out again around the 6:30 mark with Tommy Bolin’s pronounced riffs pulling us through the rest of the song. I have never meet anyone that had seen Bolin life so if there is anyone out there we would love to hear from you. Knowing this song would be Tommy’s encore song or last song played we can only imagine what he could have done with it. Rock on Tommy you just add to the list of rock legends that the people up in the skies can enjoy daily while we done here have only suffered not having you around to make more great music for our enjoyment.

This excerpt from the Official Tommy Bolin website might say it best “The nine-minute epic “Post Toastee” is the track that really sets the heather alight. It’s a little-known classic featuring exotic percussion, swathes of incisive lead guitar, and great vocal harmonies from Bell. The album version was reportedly edited down from a take lasting almost twice as long. If the master-tape still exists, it would be wonderful to hear that un-pruned version.”

Video courtesy of brendandawna


9 thoughts on “Tommy Bolin “Post Toastee”

  1. Never got to see Tommy, but being born in 1961, I sure as hell knew of him. Post Toastee is my favorite; the way his bass player Reggie McBride, coincides with his guitar playing is unparalleled. Teaser is my second favorite song. The man rocked and we can only wonder what other gems he would have created had he lived. My sons, 23 and 16, play bass and guitar respectively and they love this song. More people should know of him.

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    • I agree with you that not enough people knew of him. Glad to hear that your boys enjoy the song as much as we do. And also like you I never did get a chance to see Tommy either.


  2. I’m not old enough to have seen him play live, in 76 I was in 8th grade, but I was aware of him through older cousins. I got turned on to lots of music through them.
    I’m from St Louis, and this is a KSHE Klassic, so it gets played on the Klassic’s show ever so often. Always a welcome listen.
    Another GREAT tune also a KSHE Kassic, although it’s a James Gang tune, is “Alexis”. According to another website “Songfacts” a song writer named Jeff Cook wrote the lyrics, and Bolin wrote the music & sang lead.

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  3. I saw Tommy Bolin open for Rush at The Paramount Theatre in Portland, Oregon on October 30th 1976, it was the first of two shows that night and Tommy didn’t show for second one. Put his show up in my top 20, he was a Guitar God…….he died a few weeks later

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  4. I have listened to Post Toastee many times since first hearing it when I was in college in 1976. It is my favorite song that Bolin wrote and recorded. The guitar masterpiece, to me, is a hidden gem that truly showcases Bolin’s guitar prowess. As referred to before, it is a forgotten classic, and also think Bolin should be in the list of top guitarists of all time. Not taking anything away from those in the top 100, but Bolin should be part of that list. I also like his two solo albums and the work he put into them. I only can imagine what would have come from Tommy if he had lived passed that fateful day in December 1976. ✌

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  5. Wow, two posts in and they’re back-to-back winners. I love this song. It’s not my “favorite” Tommy Bolin – that would be “Savannah Woman” – but it’s right up there. Such a great groove! Thanks for the excuse to listen again.

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    • Loved your post “Maybe Before You Were Happy: Feeling Tommy Bolin” tells us a lot about the man and where his head was at. Really was sad how people reacted to him when he joined Deep Purple. I agree with your thoughts on the “Teaser” album. I might have to pull it out and listen to it today since it’s been years since I have.


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