One Hit Wonders

There are so many one hit wonders out there that if 20 different bloggers did this post you might not see the same song on anyone of them. Narrowing it down to just under 60 minutes was a challenge. Maybe I’ll have to do a second one some day? Some songs on this list might be something that I remember from my childhood, the video intrigued me, they just sucked so bad that I would change the radio station when they came on or they just have stuck in my head for way to long. Who knows?

Techno Rock has never been a music choice for me but how many of you remember what might be the first Electronic Rock song. With a band name like Hot Butter how can you not do a song with this name?

One night watching who knows what on TV (lately everything just blurs together) the show said that this song was the one that started Rap Music. Don’t know about if that’s true or not but here is The Sugarhill Gang singing their one big hit.

You just didn’t see many white boys playing Funk Music back in the 70’s but Wild Cherry was one band that had a hit with.

Focus shows us how to jam a 7 minute song into a 4 minute plus song in this video.

I wonder if your name was Chumbawamba would you get knocked down and get up again?

Some poor family probably changed their phone number soon after this Tommy Tutone song became a hit.

Sinead O’Connor sure was glad Prince let her record this song. Her she is belting it out live.

This 4 Non Blonds song is one of those songs that just might help you start your day off right.

Back when Guitar Hero was big I can remember playing this Spacehog song.

Maybe this Bobby McFarrin tune is a little tough to handle right now with all that’s going on in the world.

This Thunderclap Newman one hit wonder song tells us why we need to be wearing face masks right now.

With this whole Coronavirus going around right now this Zager and Evans song makes you wonder if man will still be alive.

NASA has done a couple exploratory missions to this Shocking Blue song title.

Mini mini mini skirts a plenty on this video by Edison Lighthouse

Brewer and Shipley might have smoked one to many one day?

Would this Carl Douglas song make Bruce Lee smile or laugh?