Dancing, Dance and Dancin’

My last 60 minute or less post on feet keeps us in dance mode. There were a few dance songs that I couldn’t fit into my last post so I’ll sprinkle them in here. First up a belated Happy Birthday to my friends dad Fillmore Slim. I think my next post will be about his latest album Son of the Seven Sisters.

I’m sure most of us are still mourning the loss of Eddie Van Halen a few weeks ago so let’s start off with another Van Halen classic.

Remember when (or you still have happen) when you would be rocking out on a ITunes random play and the next song would just blow your high? Well here is Voggue

Wow that one must have pulled out of the WTF file and it was buried deep. Let’s try a more famous group with two female singers. Weather your into disco or not everybody has heard this ABBA

And have heard this disco tune by Bee Gees

Or this by Irene Cara with the famous bucket of water and chair.

For our last disco/dancing song I would like to do one from Whitney Houston. Although this song doesn’t showcase her voice it was one of those magical voices that rarely comes along.

Now time for a short commercial break brought to you by The Wiggles

Another amazing commercial wouldn’t you say… back to our story…
And after ITunes throws in that one WTF song that blows your high it comes back with a great one like this dancing song by Frank Zappa

One group I enjoyed a ton back in the late 70’s was Thin Lizzy. Phil Lynott was one of the best lead man/bassist out there. We will start our classic artist section of the post with one of their radio hits.

I had the privilege of seeing The Kinks once around 1980. Luckily in was a small place so we got a great view from the back row and we danced on the seats the whole show.

Sly and the Family Stone had many hits back in the days. Here is one of their classics that never gets old.

Maybe not as well known as some of our other classic artists we have King Harvest. I don’t think they tried to match the voice to the song on this one.

Our last classic artist band for the week brings us to one of the most if not the the most known bands in the world The Rolling Stones

Next up we have one from Japanese singer-songwriter, Joji.

From Japan we will travel to the Midwest of America for this great tune by Walk the Moon. I wonder if they walked on The Dark Side of the Moon?

The last song this post brings us this beautiful song by Blackmores Night. Not the type music I’m used to hearing from Ritchie that’s for sure.