Monty Python “Always Look at the Bright Side of Life”

A friend of mine had surgery on his heart yesterday. Although he has explained what the doctors are going to do I still don’t understand. I guess you could call it open heart surgery because they most likely had to cut him open to install the piece of equipment in him. During this trying year he has spent many weeks in the hospital, had multiple operations to prepare him for this specific surgery. Lost many pounds as you could imagine and has been wearing this external device 24 hours a day to keep his heart pumping. Through it all he has not given up, made it to our fantasy football drafts (last year barely by the way), and our post season dinners.

To my friend Dave I’m looking forward to seeing you, keep up the good work and be strong. Who knows you might even win this year since our team decided to bomb out and give you a chance.

Get well and…….