“What The World Needs Now Is Love” & “Abraham, Martin and John”

With all that has happened this week I thought this would be a better post then what was planned. There are good cops out there that die in the line of duty. Dallas is a great example of that. Just as there are police that justifiably shoot there weapons at residents.

  • Yes Police kill people but people also kill police and there K-9 companions
  • See Killed by Police for a complete list.
  • As of 7/11/2016 cops have killed over 600 people according to Killed by Police
  • Just today alone Police killed four people across America
  • Larry Gorden killed two court bailiffs before he was killed
  • A Latino man was killed after he had killed his wife and her friend then points a gun at police
  • In Sacramento, CA man ran from police then charged them with a knife
  • The fourth one was in the street (nude) randomly shooting at bystanders then at two officers.

Police put there life’s on the line for us every day and after reading some of the stories on Killed by Police.net When did we start glorifying live long criminals?

This is the one gentleman that didn’t have any major arrests. It looks like he only had a ton vehicle issues. And this might be the one that was a wrongful death. More is coming out on this killing every day but I will wait until all information comes out before making any comments. However if the story is true the officers involved should be punished like criminals. Philando Castile

Then we have other police that might not be wise choices for wearing a uniform. Some are racist, some have power control issues and maybe just maybe some are not wise enough to carry a badge.

  • Two cops got suspended for a racist snap chat photo that supposedly happened the same night as the Dallas shooting
  • Those were two stupid fucks that’s for sure
  • In Oakland, CA we have many officers that are involved with a prostitute that says that they were having sex with her while she was a minor. She is now 18 and is talking to cover her ass since she got busted.
  • How about doing a drug raid the wrong house and killing the homeowner.
  • How about this one sexually assulting a women on police property.
  • Or this porn loving officer. Oops we was working while doing it.

These two lists could go on and on but it brings to question.

What ever happened to this World?

A couple songs on this post were before my time but I have heard them many times and understand the meaning of them. At some point can we the world maybe just start to listen to these songs and think about the story or meanings behind them?