Arthur Brown “Fire”

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
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This one hit wonder from the 1968 album The Crazy World of Arthur Brown was a radio main stay for quite some time. Before there was Kiss or any of the other makeup bands of the 70’s we had the one and only Arthur Brown. Before Alice Cooper and all his elaborate stage shows antics we had Arthur Brown and his band the The Crazy World of Arthur Brown.

Fire is a psychedelic rock song running about 2:45 minutes long. The videos from this #1 single in the United Kingdom and Canada really give you a great prospective of how bizarre Brown’s stage shows were back then with all the makeup, costumes and psychedelic themed images and stage props. The main instrument of destruction in the song is Vincent Crane’s Hammond electronic organ. So for your listening pleasure we give you the self proclaimed “God of Hell Fire” Arthur Brown

Video courtesy of Орлин Вълчев