Brownsville Station “Martian Boogie”

Martian Boogie

Brownsville Station

“Martian Boogie”

This week we are going to be listening to what my youngest daughter says is the “song that made me deadly afraid of aliens”, she had only heard it 30 plus times before she was 8 years old (she now drives her own 1971 Mustang spaceship.) Do you remember the days when as teenagers you would get a case of the munchies really bad at 2 in the morning and decide to stop off at the all night dinner to get some food? Maybe a early pancake breakfast with some eggs? Yeah you’re right! Most of us wanted the one and only true champion for the munchies, HAMBURGER and FRIES.

What would you do if “this little bitty green hand holding a ketchup bottle came into view” after you nudged the guy sitting next to you asking for the ketchup bottle? Then you looked over at his plate and seeing all these colored looking sticks on his plate would you ask “What you eaten there, boy…crayons?”
And they said, “Why no, they’re Martian cigarettes. Try one!” Would you try one?

This is the story behind the song Martian Boogie: The song came out as a single back in 1977 from the rock band, that was most famous for the hit song “Smoking in the Boys Room”, Brownsville Station. Martian Boogie is from the band’s seven record titled Brownsville Station. This is a rocking song that starts off with some of that old creepy sound effects that you used to hear while watching some of those old science fiction movies from the 60’s. After that we get a little rocking taste of whats to come up later, after we hear the story of what could happen when you get hungry late at night. Then as the story starts to be told we hear a single guitar strumming along with a drum symbol keeping the beat moving. I just love the sound effects we get when the dude realized the guy sitting next to him was a martian. From here you might just want to sit down and listen to the rest of the song. Enjoy and remember the next time your out in the early morning hours with the munchies would you stop at a place called “Eats” sit and gulp?

Video courtesy of The Wild Wally