Forgotten Rock Classics: Journey



Journey’s self title first record

“Of a Lifetime”

Journey is the self-titled debut album by the band of the same name. It was released in 1975 on Columbia Records with a progressive rock/jazz fusion sound to it. It is the only album to include rhythm guitarist George Tickner among their personnel. This album focuses mainly on the band’s instrumental talents.

“Of a Lifetime” starts off the record and you know within the first minute that these boys do not what to be known as former Santana band members, but as musicians that can play and write there own music. While Neal Schon’s subtle guitar riffs are smoothly flowing through the beginning of the song you realize that this is not Steve Perry’s Journey. Then as Greg Rolie starts to sing around the 1:10 mark it is confirmed that no Perry is present. You now slowly start to take in the sound, when Schon does his guitar solo half way through the song your amazement is resoundingly positive now knowing that Journey is much more then a top 40 sound. With two minutes left in the seven minute song Neil and the boys go into the classic rock torrent that blows you away. Neil’s guitar work in those last couple minutes is as real as it can get, you wonder why the group never did anything like this when Perry was around.

Even though Journey was not a commercial success in the early years they sure as hell knew how to rock and roll. So next time you are around one of those people that says “I know all the words to every Journey song ever played” give them a taste of this sweet perfection and watch their facial expression as they realize that they have no clue who the group is or that they have never heard this song, smile and finish playing the song or play it again with just a little more volume. Here it is in all it’s glory for your listening pleasure

Video courtesy of Myche Worth